CD Pharma Group Srl is a consulting company active in the healthcare sector, which provides companies operating in the field with strategic and operational support in all phases of the product life cycle, starting from clinical development.

The Company, in relation to the provisions of the Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 (hereinafter the ‘’Decree’’), decided to proceed with the drafting of the Code of Ethics (hereinafter the ‘’Cede’) which identifies and expresses the fundamental values and ethical principles, highlighting the complete set of rights, duties and responsibilities of all those who come into contact with the reality of the Company, such as employees, consultants, agents, commercial partners, public administration and, more generally, all the subjects linked by a relationship of collaboration with the company.

The aforementioned Decree provides for the Company’s obligation to acquire an Organization, Management and Control Model (hereinafter the ‘’Model‘’) of which the Code of Ethics is an integral part.

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